Head-of-state, Shrimp

Graduates July 2010

Alka & Jo Jo

People give Treats, I get it now!

Barbara & Navio

Two Portuguese Soul-mates

Bodie & Sara

Just a little direction to perfection

Janet & Ahi

Oh my, so many dogs and people to greet

Judy & Jordan

Walk with your head held high young man!

Julie & Chammie

Who me? I didn't do it
and I am sticking to my story!

Karen & Prince

I should have been King!

Karen & Yacht

Yachts of  fun!

Mary & Finn

I Finnished and had lots of Finn

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Head-of-state, Shrimp

April 2010 Graduates

Jessica & Griff-Eric & Lola

The Challenge isn't walking, it's the speed limit!

Melodee & Sprite

Can't we just forget the sit-stay & go right to the down-stay!

Nancy & Cooper

My eyes belie my sweet face!
Head-of-state, Shrimp

October 2009

Barbara & Faith

A match made in faith and heaven

Bill & Izzy

The White Goatee and Mustache Gang

Doris & Jazzy

Ewok? Afgan?Wallaby!

Heather & Boone

Makes Training Look Easy

Ian and Cheney

Politically Correct
Head-of-state, Shrimp

August Graduates

Shae & Ariana

New Meaning for Easy Pick Up

Greg & Zelda

Hurry, Call me so I can run, Whee!

Opal & Janene

Opal Heart & a Diamond Personality

Kate & Riley

Pretty & Smart, Riley Too!

Kelly - Buckeye - Martin

Winning the Jack "Pot" Terrier

Laurie - Zoey - Kaylie

All Ears with lots of Smarts

Sally & Odie

From a battle of wills to a winning team!

Sara & Teddy

Dog? What dog? I don't see a dog!
Head-of-state, Shrimp

July Graduates

Bridget & Luna

The Sweetheart Team


You're now family, Bubba

Lisa & Wyatt

Fate brought us together; Obedience will keep us together.
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